Aqua-Glitter - Sequin Mermaid Tail

Size Guide

Get your swimmable hybrid mermaid tail made of silicone, scuba/neoprene, and sequins.

AquaMermaid sequin tails have a stunning look and are the most functional for swimming and performing at events. Be ready to sparkle with an iridescent tail and sequins that change colour in the sunlight.

The fluke is made of dragon skin silicone and includes the durable and adjustable AquaMermaid monofin.

Move gracefully through the water with the large fluke made of flexible silicone.

Our swimmable sequin tails are created from 1.5mm neoprene inner layer and a shimmery sequin outer layer.


Rush orders can be made in 7 days. Extra fee will apply.


- Made of scuba/neoprene with sequins on outside and silicone fluke
- Tails are 100% handmade by AquaMermaid team in Canada
- 1.5mm scuba/neoprene
- Sequin fabric
- Additional option of shine gloss and iridescence on fluke
- Includes 1 sequin color of you choice (Green, Gold, Pink, Purple, Blue, Silver, or Black)
- Includes 1 color variation for the fluke with progressive gradations (without air brushing)
- Water resistant zipper
- Mermaid waist flare detail
- Premium dragon skin silicone for the fluke
- Fluke size: ( 75 x 75 cm)
- Color pigments are blended inside the silicone (No painting at the surface to prevent paint flakes and discoloration)  
- Includes Aquamermaid fin (Adjustable for women shoe size 6-9)


- Custom made to your size (we will send you a guideline to send us your measurements)

- Dorsal fin: $300 
- Calf fins: $120
- 3 pairs of mini fins at the hips: $120
- Detailed fluke contour: $100 * Reference picture red tail below
- Silicone bustier: $300 
- Air brush style finish: $75/color
- Fringe belt: $100


Accessorize your mermaid tail with our hand made, swimmable Seashell Bra !

Payment by credit card or wire transfer
For more detail or to order email:
Since these tails are custom made, no returns, refunds or exchanges are allowed.

- Shell Bra 
- Monofin only
- Mermaid tail fabric only
- Fabric Mermaid tail 
- Silicone mermaid tail 

Custom Products are non-returnable, non-refundable.  Because of the custom nature of these product, this is a firm policy and exceptions will not be made.

AquaMermaid design created by Cyntault Creations.

Size Chart

Mermaid Tail Size

Mermaid Tail Size


Waist (cm) 

Waist (inches) 


56 - 66

23 - 26 


 67 - 77

 27 - 30 


78 - 90

31 - 35

XLarge 88 - 102 34 - 40


Mermaid Fin Size 

Size Shoe size (women)  Fin Dimensions
Regular 2-9
18x18 inches (46x46 cm)
XLarge 6-13 21x24 inches (61x53cm)
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